Accrued Interest

Interest deemed to be earned on a security but not yet paid to the investor.


An intermediary, bank or other financial organisation that regularly performs services for another in a place or market to which the other does not have direct access. Intermediaries may have agents in foreign countries or on exchanges of which they are not members. Sometimes also referred to as *correspondent.

Annual Report(s)

The formal financial statement issued yearly by a public company. The report shows assets, liabilities, revenues, expenses and earnings. The report also shows the company's financial condition at the close of the business year and other basic information of interest to shareholders. The annual report is also the most widely-read shareholder communication. A semi-annual report is issued by a company for the first six months of its *financial year.

Ask/Bid Prices

The market price of a security: the ask is the *market price if you are buying and the bid is the price if you are selling.

Auditor's Report

Often called the accountant's opinion. It is the statement of the accounting firm's work and its opinion of the company's financial statements, especially if they conform to the normal and generally accepted practices of accountancy.

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