Company Announcements on the Local Market till 5th July 2005

Simonds Farsons Cisk plc   Simonds Farsons Cisk plc held its 58th Annual General Meeting on 30th June 2005. The following resolutions were some of those discussed and approved: That the Annual Report and Financial Statements of the Company for the year ended 31st January 2005, comprising the Directors’ Report, Corporate Governance – Statement of Compliance and the Auditors Report thereon be received andapproved. That the Meeting approves the payment of Lm604,000 in dividends paid out of tax exempt profits equivalent to a net dividend of 2c4 per share as recommended by the Directors.   Corinthia Finance plc   The consolidated financial statements for the year ended 31st December 2004 of Corinthia Palace Hotel Company Limited as guarantor of the Bond Issues of the Company have been prepared in accordance with the requirements of International Financial Reporting Standards and have been audited in accordance with International Standards on Auditing.  The Board of Directors of Corinthia Palace Hotel Company Limited approved the consolidated financial statements on the 30th June 2005.  During the year under review the Group’s turnover increased to Lm70.3 million from Lm55.8 million in 2003.  In 2003, the Group realised a loss after tax of Lm5.2 million compared to a loss after tax of Lm5.8 million in 2003.  The Group registered a loss after tax in view of the very high incidence of depreciation and interest expense, impairement losses and exceptional items.  The depreciation and amortisation charge and net interest expense amounted to Lm10.4 million and Lm9.8 million respectively for the year under review and Lm8.5 million and Lm9 million respectively in 2003.  On the other hand, whilst in 2003 the Group registered a revaluation surplus that the Group registered of Lm9.7 million on the reinstatement of investment properties to their fair value; in 2004 the Group is recognising an impairment loss of Lm2.8 million on one of its properties.    Maltacom plc   On the 1st of July, Maltacom p.l.c. announced that its subsidiary companies Datastream Limited and Terranet Limited are to be merged. Datastream Limited is in the business of providing wholesale data services while Terranet Limited is an internet service provider. This merger process which will be initiated with immediate effect, is intended to consolidate the operations of these two companies under one legal entity as part of a high level restructuring exercise with a view to maintaining its position as a leading provider of broadband internet and other data services.   Bay Street Finance plc     On the 30th June, the Board of Directors of Bay Street Finance plc approved their audited financial statements for the period ending 31st December 2004.  During the period under review, the company registered a profit before taxation amounting to Lm4,104, and Lm2,668 after deducting tax.  The retained earnings as at 31st December 2004 stand at Lm6,173.  In the year under review, the Company registered a gross operating profit before depreciation and interest of Lm633,877 whereas in 2003 was Lm625,366.  The loss after tax for the year was Lm222,592 whereas in 2003 it was Lm293,995.