The Department

Our department is made up of a dedicated team that focuses solely on insurance products. The Company has been a tied insurance intermediary of MAPFRE MSV Life (MMSV) since inception and offers clients a variety of tax-efficient products including pensions, regular savings & lump sum investments. As firm believers of diversification, the Company aims to provide alternative types of investments, such as ‘with-profits’ and ‘unit-linked’ which enable clients to have a mix of products in their portfolio. In June 2023 the Company became a tied insurance intermediary for IVALIFE Insurance Limited for the ‘unit-linked’ class of business.

Joanna Azzopardi

Claire Portelli


Private pensions provide financial security at retirement. We offer two types of pension products, namely Personal Pension Plans and Occupational Pension Plans. In both types, a tax incentive of 25% in the form of a tax credit is applicable on a maximum contribution of €3,000 per year. This attractive feature of such qualifying schemes provides a unique opportunity for individuals to help them build a pension pot for the future whilst benefitting from other tax incentives. Occupational Pension Plans help employees have a better quality of life at retirement whilst enhancing the company’s reputation to become an employer of choice. Personal Pension Plans are available in either ‘with-profits’ or ‘unit-linked’, whilst Occupational Pension Plans are available in ‘unit-linked’.

KFD Personal Pension Plan (With Profits)                   

KFD Personal Pension Plan (Unit Linked)


Regular Savings

Regular Savings Plans provide a disciplined way of saving. It is never too late to start saving for that special event in the future or to give a headstart in life to your child or to a loved one. We offer various types of regular savings which provide you with the flexibility of choosing how much and how often to save.


KFD Flexi Plan                KFD Child Savings Plan                 

KID Flexi Plan                 KID Child Savings Plan                 

Lump Sum Investments

Lump sum investments are ideal for individuals with an amount of savings at their disposal. Having received the proceeds from a fixed deposit, an investment that would have matured or maybe also through inheritance, individuals may choose to invest in lump sum investment products. These plans offer the facility to invest either in ‘with-profits’ or ‘unit-linked’.


KFD Single Premium Plan                               

KID Single Premium Plan                                                                                                                                   

Jesmond Mizzi Financial Advisors Limited (C30176) is an enrolled Tied Insurance Intermediary under the Insurance Distribution Act for MAPFRE MSVLife ‘MMSV'(C-15722) and IVALIFE Insurance Ltd ‘IVALIFE’ (C-94404). MMSV and IVALIFE are authorised under the Insurance Business Act and all entities are regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority.


The Products are manufactured by MMSV and IVALIFE and distributed by Jesmond Mizzi Financial Advisors Limited.