The Department

The services industry is highly based on trust. Since inception, the Company has always focused on providing a personalised service to clients. As investment advisors we have worked hard to gain investors’ trust and build long term relationships. Our thorough know-your-client analysis helps us identify our clients’ investments objectives, risk tolerance and investment time horizon from the very outset.

Investment Advice

Through our step-by-step advice process, where we involve our clients throughout, we have learned to identify what counts for our clients and know when a change in investment objectives is required. Getting our clients to discuss their financial situation and current and future financial needs with us is paramount for a clear understanding of their ongoing investment objectives. We are strong believers of asset class and geographical diversification together with long-term investment time horizon. While keeping in mind our clients’ investment objectives and risk tolerance, we structure our investment proposals in a way to gain exposure to different asset classes – both income and growth assets. As a result, our portfolios are usually a mix of local bonds, sovereign debt, investment grade and high yield bonds, local and international equities and capital guaranteed products. Our Asset Management team constantly updates our investment advisors with market highlights, risks and product news in order to keep our clients updated throughout different economic and market environments.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

High net worth individuals and professionals, with limited time on their hands to take an active role in their financial matters may assign the role to our investment advisors. Depending on the portfolio size, our investment advisors manage such portfolios in groups and with assistance and inputs from our Asset Management team. The client onboarding process is very similar to that employed when servicing clients on an advisory basis. That is, the thorough initial process to identify investment needs, objectives and risk profiling is carried out before the discretionary portfolio management service kicks off. In addition, the portfolio parameters are also determined in order for the discretionary managers to manage the investment portfolio in line with clients’ preferences and guidelines

Managed Strategies                    Managed Strategies Document

Execution-only Stockbroking

In execution-only stockbroking or trading, the investor requests the purchase or sale of listed securities bonds and shares. No investment advice is involved here. Our company actively trades in both local and international bonds and shares and various currencies.

Pensions and Regular Savings

Investors who prefer to make regular contributions in to their investments, can do so through our products, which allow this facility. Usually this service involves the commitment of investors to invest frequent sums of money from as low as €50 monthly. This service provides our clients with an affordable way to put money aside for their future. Regular savings are an easy way to build a diversified portfolio while at the same time targeting any future objectives, such as building your retirement pot, contributing towards your children’s education and the purchase of a new car. Our Company is also a tied insurance intermediary of MAPFRE MSV Life p.l.c. for the ‘conventional’ class of business which includes ‘With-Profits’ and IVALIFE Insurance Limited for the ‘unit-linked’ class of business. Disciplined regular savings help investors to take advantage of markets’ ups and downs which are a good source of growth over the long term.