Schedule of Fees

Local Stockbroking
Nominee Non-Nominee
Bonds On the first €100k 0.30% 0.40%
On the excess of €100k 0.20%
Shares On the first €50k 1.00% 1.25%
On the next €50k 0.75%
On the excess of €100k 0.50%
Malta Government Treasury Bills 0.10% 0.15%
A minimum fee of €20 per order applies.

Malta Stock Exchange additional transaction fees: €4.5 / $5 / £4 per transaction.

Malta Stock Exchange additional Turnover Fee on the Regular Market : 0.03%
Malta Stock Exchange additional Turnover Fee on Off-Market Transactions with a change in UBO: 0.1%
Malta Stock Exchange additional Turnover Fee on corporate restructuring of Listed Entities: 0.03%

Other related bank charges incurred on foreign currency transactions may also apply.

New Client – Minimum transaction value of €20,000


International Stockbroking
Bonds, Shares and Exchange Traded Funds 1.25% per trade
A minimum fee of €60 (or the equivalent in foreign currency) per transaction applies.

Charges in relation to stamp duty or other similar charges may also be applicable to certain Stock Exchanges.

No charge is applicable if a bond is held to maturity

New Client – Minimum transaction value of €20,000


Collective Investment Schemes / Funds
Buying 3.50%
Selling €25
A minimum fee of €100 applies on each buying transaction and €25 on each selling transaction.

Subject to a maximum charge quoted on the funds’ Key Investor Information Document (KIID).

Switching between Funds will incur 0.5% charge. 

New Client – Minimum investment of €20,000. Existing Client – Minimum additional investment of €5,000.


Discretionary Portfolio Fees
Fees in respect of monitoring and advice on portfolios 1.00% per annum
Charged monthly and calculated pro rata on the total value of assets.


Financial Intermediation Services Fee
Minimum charge per account €50 per annum
Total Holdings more than €100k and less than €500k 0.065% per annum
Total holdings more than €500k and less than €1M 0.055% per annum
Total holdings more than €1M and less than €1.5M 0.050% per annum
Total holdings more than €1.5M 0.045% per annum
Maximum charge per account €1000 per annum
Fee is charged as a percentage of clients’ total assets per account, calculated quarterly on a pro rata basis.

Waived with respect to investments within sub-funds of Merill SICAV plc, 62+ Government Savings Bonds & MAPFRE MSV products.


Miscellaneous Charges
Onboarding Fees
Onboarding Fee – First meeting €100
Onboarding Fee – Non-EU residents (Based on Customer Risk Assessment) €2,000 (Minimum)
Onboarding Fee – Eligible counterparty and institutional clients As per quote
Transaction Fee for New Bond & Share Issue Applications
 – Nominee applications NIL
 – Non-nominee applications €25 per application
Valuation and Summary of Income Statements – sent quarterly
 – By email NIL
 – By Post NIL
 – Request for additional Income and Valuation statements €10 per request
Processing of interest & dividend payments
 – Local Bonds & Shares NIL
 – Foreign Bonds & Shares €5 per interest payment
 – Processing of non-Euro fund interest payments to non-Bank of Valletta bank accounts $15 or £12 per interest payment
Any distribution of income and dividends by cheque €8 per interest payment
Re-issuing of lost cheque €20
Pledging of holdings €40 per holding
A maximum fee of €200 applies
Death of a shareholder (transfer of holdings) €20 per holding
A minimum fee of €150 applies
Transfer of holdings to another Broker €150 per holding
Internal transfer of holdings €10 per holding
Transfer of ownership of MSE listed holdings €25 per holding
Transfer of ownership for corporate restructuring As per quote
Withholding tax certificate – issued on request €25
Currency Conversion As per official rate provided by BOV
A preferential rate may be obtained, which can be retained by the company at its discretion.


The company may also receive commission / income from issuers of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).
Hold mail for client collection €50 per year
Transfer of Funds re monies held on account
 – SEPA Bank Transfer – Not to a BOV account $15 or £12
 – SEPA Bank Transfer – Same day transfer €10


Other out of pocket fees might apply

Fees quoted are exclusive of VAT where applicable.


 Version – January 2023