The Department

Our team of professionals within the Wealth Management Department provides a high-level specialised service, which combines investment advice and on-going monitoring of investment portfolios to high net worth individuals (HNWI) and institutional clients – having a net worth of more than €500,000.

Discretionary Investment Management Service

Discretionary management is one of our core services offered; ideal for clients that have limited time on their hands, but still want an active approach when it comes to managing their investment portfolio. Discretionary service, not only empowers the investment manager to act swiftly on the client’s behalf when it comes to buying or selling of investment products within a pre-set and agreed investment parameters; but it also provides the client with enhanced monitoring of the client’s invested portfolio, as well as a more bespoke investment solution, with access to a wider spectrum of investment products.

Discretionary service will allow our investment managers to provide our highly esteemed clientele with personalised investment solutions following a detailed understanding of the client’s risk profile and financial goals, and which are then categorised within an investment strategy that reflects such needs and objectives of the client. Such strategies are tweaked from time to time at the discretion of the investment manager, reflecting the house views of the asset management team, and subject to the client’s changing needs and objective over time.

Such investment strategies will be tracked against pre-determined composite benchmarks such as to be able to provide our clients a better understanding of how their invested portfolio is performing over time as economic market conditions continuously change.

Delegating the burden of making day-to-day investment decisions to our dedicated team of highly qualified trusted professionals leaves the client with more time in hand to focus on other important matters in life.

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Advisory Service

If the client prefers to be more involved in the investment decision-making process, our Advisory Service is ideal. The client and investment advisor can discuss the different investment options suitable to the client’s risk profile prior to execution.

Be it Discretionary or Advisory services, our wealth management department monitors and reviews high-net worth clients falling under the Wealth Management division on a regular basis. Clients are kept up-to-date with any changes made or recommended and are provided with a monthly detailed portfolio valuation.

Strategies Adapted

Clients are provided with tailor-made investment solutions that cater for the client’s unique circumstances and risk profile – ranging from cautious to aggressive investment strategies. Specific focus is set on the client’s risk tolerance and expected return, allowing for short and long-term investment horizons.

Fixed-income based strategies are offered to clients that would like to receive regular income. Meanwhile, total return strategies are provided to those clients that would like to receive a regular income, but are also concerned on maintaining the real-value of money over time (i.e. inflation risk), allowing for capital appreciation over the medium-to-long-term. Clients that have a long-term investment horizon can opt for an aggressive strategy targeting long-term capital growth, which would entail a higher weighting in riskier asset classes, such as equity and non-investment grade bonds.

All such strategies will be benchmarked against composite indices, reflecting different weightings in different asset classes, and which enable our clients to attain a better understanding of the risk-reward ratio expected to be reached over time from their investable portfolio of assets.