Company Announcement – 7th – 13th September 2005

Global Financial Services Group plc   Global Financial Services Group p.l.c. (GSFG) has gone through a special trade which was executed on the Malta Stock Exchange on the 6th of September, whereby Aberdeen Asset Management p.l.c. acquired 480,000 (3.63%) ordinary GFSG shares from Globe Financial Investments Limited. As a result of this trade, Aberdeen Asset Management p.l.c. has increased its shareholding in GFSG from 700,000 ordinary shares (5.3%) to 1,180,000 ordinary shares (8.93%). The trade was executed at a price of Lm1.27 per share.     FIM Bank plc   With effect from 11th August, 2005 the shareholding of Bank of Valletta p.l.c in FIMBank p.l.c. fell below five per cent (5%) of the total equity share capital of the Company.   Datatrak plc   On the 7th of September, Datatrak plc published its unaudited accounts for the six months ending 30th June 2005.  The group registered a turnover of Lm653,883 (2004: Lm528,456) over the six months ending 30th June 2005.  A profit before tax of Lm14,918 (2004: loss Lm235,027) was reported by the group, after deducting depreciation and amortization costs of Lm170,817 and net finance costs of Lm7,517.   Allowance for taxation and allocation to minority, led to a loss attributable to the shareholders of Lm20,521 (2004: Lm184,494).   The operational subsidiaries of the group are all producing constant recurrent revenues which are contributing to an overall profit for the group.   Maltacom plc   The Board of Directors of Maltacom p.l.c. is scheduled to meet on Thursday, the 15th of September, 2005 in order to consider and approve, the Company’s Financial Statements for the period ending 30th June, 2005.