Local Weekly Round Up – 25th August – 1st September

Local Weekly Round up — 25th August — 1st September 2006

The MSE Index Share Index increased by 1.75% this week to end today’s session at 5,164.775. The Index is now up by 3.69% from the start of the year. BOV, HSBC and Plaza share price increases raised the Index even though Lombard, Simonds Farsons Cisk, Maltacom, FIMBank and MIA all registered losses this week.

Following five consecutive weekly losses, BOV managed to gain and recover 5.04% over last week. Until the end of Thursday’s session the share price had recovered 7.78% (27c8) over the previous week, however it lost 9c8 in Friday’s session to close at Lm3.75, still 18c higher.

HSBC also ended the week on a positive note closing at Lm2.10; a 2.44% increase. Plaza shares also managed to gain 0.76% while Simonds Farsons Cisk was the week’s worst performer declining by 5.41% to close-off at Lm0.70.

Lombard kept decreasing this week to close 4.16% lower than last week. This represents Lombard’s fourth consecutive week in which it registered a loss.

After having remained unchanged at $1.90 and Lm1.35 for nearly a whole week FIMBank and MIA share prices eased on the last trading session of the week shedding 2.63% ($0.05c) and 1.85% (2c5) respectively. Maltacom also made losses this week shedding 1.62% while Middle Sea Insurance, Suncrest, IHI, Global Capital and Datatrak all remained unchanged.