Local Weekly Round Up â

Local Weekly Round Up – 6th -13th October 2006

The MSE Index closed 2.11% higher this week to end at 5,101.959 points. 11 equities traded, 3 of which were gainers, 4 were losers while the other equities remained stable. There were 295 deals placed this week in the equity market, for a total value of Lm616,150. HSBC was the most traded equity with regards to value and accounted for 39.26% of the total value, while BOV was the second most traded equity accounting for 33.80%.

BOV rallied this week to gain 6.13% over last week’s closing price. The BOV share price gained 23c on a week-on-week basis and closed at Lm3.98. 118 deals were placed this week with the highest and lowest prices being Lm3.98 and Lm3.70.


Maltacom headed upwards by 6.72% to close the week 10c7 higher at Lm1.699. Plaza was the other equity gainer of the week, slightly increasing by 0.75% to close at Lm0.675.

Middlesea Insurance was once again the worst performer of the week, declining by 3.86%. HSBC was also a negative performer, shedding 1c, equivalent to a 0.49% drop in share price.

GlobalCapital had gained 1c5 on Monday and lost 2c in the following session to end the week negatively at Lm2.06, down by 0.24% on a week-on-week basis.


San Tumas was also a loser this week, dropping down by 15.38%, as it traded and closed this session at Lm1.10 (20c lower) on Tuesday.

In the mean time, Malta International Airport, International Hotels Investment, FIMBank, Lombard and Plaza share prices all closed unchanged.