Company Announcements – December 2006

Maltacom plc

Maltacom announced that its subsidiary Datastream Limited is to be merged with Maltacom plc. The merger progress which will be initiated with immediate effect, is part of a high level group restructuring exercise. Please click on the above heading to view the official announcement.

International Hotel Investment plc

IHI has announced that, further to the Company Announcement on 16th November 2006, it has entered into a Subscription Agreement with each of Corinthia Palace Hotel Company Limited (CPHCL) of Malta and Istithmar Hotels FZE (Istithmar) of Dubai. Pursuant to the Subscription Agreeement:

(i)         Istithmar will subscribe to 178,000,000 new equity shares at Euro1.00 each.

(ii)        IHI will acquire from CPHCL the 100% ownership of the Corinthia Bab Africa and Commercial Centre in Tripoli and the Corinthia Towers Hotel in Prague, principally in return for new shares in IHI to CPHCL.

(iii)        The Directors of IHI shall endeavour to obtain a second listing of IHI on an international stock exchange within 12 months from closing.

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Malta International Airport plc


The Board of Directors of MIA plc approved the interim unaudited financial statements for the financial period 1st April 2006 to 30th September 2006. The Directors also approved an interim net dividend of Lm1,691,249.88 representing a net dividend of Lm0.025 to all shareholders of the Company on the Register of Members on the 6th December 2006. Please click here to view the official announcement including the Financial Statements.


Suncrest Hotels plc


The Board of Directors refers to the offer by AX Investments plc, a subsidiary of AX Holdings Ltd, for the issue of Lm4 million 6.7% Bonds 2014-16, and notifies that it has applied to the Listing Authority to request that trading in 8.25% Suncrest Bonds 2005-2007 be suspended while the bondholders consider the option offered to them to convert their holdings to the new offer.


AX Investments plc is writing to each Suncrest bondholder to inform them of the option to convert their holdings to the new offer being made by AX Investments plc, and giving them preference in the allocation of new bonds.


The Listing Authority has approved the request to suspend trading of the Bonds in question to ensure the orderly transaction of business. The suspension will commence from the moment the offer to existing bondholders is made and until the offer remains open.

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