Dear Sir / Madam

We are writing to inform you of three new investments being issued locally by HSBC Bank Malta, Valletta Fund Management Ltd and Middlesea Valletta Life Assurance Company Limited.

Please find below some key features in relation to these investments. A brochure for each respective investment has also been attached.


HSBC Global Multi-Asset Alpha Strategy (EUR) Note 2013

100% capital protection and no charges apply if the investment is held until maturity;

Potential annual return of 10%;

5 year Medium Term Note issued by HSBC Bank plc (S&P AA rating) ;

Participation linked to currency, interest rate, equity and money market strategies;

A preferential rate of 4% per annum payable pro-rata from the date the subscription monies are received until the investment starts;

Possibility to sell your investment on a weekly basis.

-Offer closes on 15 March 2008 or earlier if oversubscribed.


VALLETTA FUND MANAGEMENT – Wignacourt Capital Guaranteed Commodity Fund

100% capital guaranteed of original investment if held until maturity;

·          5-year investment guaranteed by BNP Paribas (S&P AA+ rating);

·          Investors are given the opportunity to participate in a basket of soft commodities consisting of an equal weighting of Wheat, Cocoa, Orange Juice, Sugar and Coffee.

·          Provides shareholders with the higher of the 5% Minimum Return or the Basket Return linked to the performance of the Basket.

·          Basket Return — 75% participation of the Final Basket Performance

·          Possibility to sell your investment on a weekly basis.

Offer closes on 20 February 2008 or earlier if oversubscribed.



This is a personal savings plan for retirement. It is a linked long term contract of insurance which accepts regular and single contributions. It may be suitable for people who are employed, self-employed, self occupied or not employed, while your employer can also contribute into this policy on your behalf.

·          It aims to build up a sum of money which is available as a lump sum when you retire or, if preferred, taken as a regular income;

·          It aims to help your retirement planning cope with changes in your personal and financial circumstances.

·          It offers you a wide and flexible choice of Funds where to invest your contributions in;

·          It offers great flexibility in the way contributions may be paid (including the possibilty to restart, at no additional costs, contribtuions within five years of being stopped);

·          The benefits are normally payable on your selected maturity date or on death if earlier (on death 101% of the value of your policy plus any additional life cover selected is paid).

·          It provides a cash sum to your wife, husband or dependant(s) should you die before retirement;

·          The minimum contributions of €50 per month, €150 per quarter, €300 half-yearly or €600 annually;


Should you have any further queries or require more information you are kindly requested to contact us on 21224410 or email us at [email protected].


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                                                Tel: 21 224 410  Fax: 21 223 810

                                                    Free Phone:  800 7 2206

This circular does not intend to give investment advice and the contents therein should not be construed as such. Readers are encouraged to seek professional advice on their personal financial situation.  Investments should be based upon the details contained in the Prospectus, together with information which may be obtained from JMFS Ltd offices. Past performance is no guarantee to future performance and the value of the investment and the currency in which it is denominated can go down as well as up.