Lombard Bank – Marfin Bank: Approval for acquisition of shareholding

Lombard Bank plc

Lombard advises that Marfin Popular Bank Public Company Ltd of Cyprus has been granted regulatory approval for the acquisition of a qualifying shareholding in Lombard Bank Malta.

Marfin also announces that the necessary approvals from the responsible authorities (Central Bank of Cyprus and MFSA) for the acquisition of 43% of the share capital of Lombard Bank have been obtained. The relevant transaction is expected to be completed over the next few days.

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Maltapost plc

The Board of Directors met on Thursday 22nd May 2008 to consider and approve the financial statements for the half-year ended 31st March 2008.

The Board also advised that no material events and transactions events have taken place since the publication of the contents contained in Maltapost’s prospectus dated January 2008.