Euro Income Bonds Portfolio 2012

Jesmond Mizzi Financial Services Limited launches

-Euro Income Bonds Portfolio 2012.

Jesmond Mizzi Financial Services Limited (JMFS) has launched another discretionary portfolio investment service.

The Euro Income Bonds Portfolio-2012 which is denominated in Euro is a composite of investment grade bonds and issued by foreign issuers.  The Bond Portfolio which matures on 31st December 2012 will earn investors a total indicative return of 5.7% per annum.

Jesmond Mizzi, Chairman of JMFS commented  that, “ this service has three main advantages for local investors, namely , investing in foreign investment grade bonds, investing without currency risk and investing in short term maturing bonds. With the introduction of the Euro such investments are now more attractive to the local investors.” 

The discretionary portfolio service will invest in investment grade bonds thus giving the investor exposure to a spread of good quality bonds.  The indicative return per annum, is before charges and taxes, and is based on the current yield to maturity of the bonds forming part of the portfolio and is subject to market movement until the pricing date when it will be fixed and advised to investors.

Potential investors may participate with a lump sum investment of at least Euro5,000. The Euro Income Bonds Portfolio, which is now available, has a limited offer period up the end of April.

Investors should note that the underlying investments are subject to market fluctuations and the risks inherent in all investments. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to the future. The value of investments can go down as well as up and the investor may not realise the value of one’s initial capital. Redemptions on maturity of the capital invested in the underlying bonds depend on there being no default by the bond issuers. Early redemptions may not be honoured and could result in a loss on the amount invested.

Further information can be obtained from Jesmond Mizzi Financial Services Limited, which is licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority to conduct Investment Services business. Investments should be based on full details of the applicable documents which can be obtained from their offices at, 67/3 South Street, Valletta or  by calling on telephone number 21224410, 80072206 or email : [email protected] or

This press release has been issued by Jesmond Mizzi Financial Services Limited.