RS2 Software p.l.c. to offer shares to the general public.

RS2 Software p.l.c. has a solid history of 20 years in the payment industry offering end-to-end solutions for card management under the trade name of bankWORKS. The bankWORKS software is installed in over 23 countries worldwide, including Europe, Scandinavia, Middle East, and as of recently the United States of America.

RS2’s client base is a mix of small, medium and large banks, domestic and international banks, merchant organisations, and service providers with the ability to service financial institutions worldwide. This is made possible through the RS2’s ability to cater for all types of client requirements and banking operations both in size and functionality.

RS2 is now approaching the local capital market to raise funds for a structured office expansion in the regions where it has now reached a critical mass of clients, increased marketing efforts through increased activity in forums worldwide and investment in marketing personnel, further intensification of research and development in order to ensure it maintains its prominent market positive and competitive edge, and the establishment of the RS2 Training Academy in Malta to provide on-going training to its clients.

The Initial Public Offering will be a Combined Offering of a total of 12,500,000 Ordinary Shares of a nominal value of EUR0.20 per share in RS2 Software p.l.c. at a Share Price of EUR0.80 each. 7,500,000 Ordinary Shares are being offered by ITM Holding Ltd, and 5,000,000 Ordinary Shares are being issued by the Company. Following the IPO, the Company Share capital will increase to 37,500,000 Ordinary Shares, with 33.3% of the share capital being in the hands of the general public, and 66.7% being retained by the existing majority shareholders.

Preplacements will be accepted on 5 June 2008 up to 12:00hrs. Subscriptions for the Shares open 6 June 2008 and close on 13 June 2008, or earlier in the event of over-subscription. Applications for Shares may be made for a minimum of 2,000 Shares and in multiples of 100 thereafter.

For more information on the Company and the Combined Offering one should refer to the Prospectus dated 16 May 2008 attached. Historical Financial Statements for the years ended 31 December 2005, 2006 and 2007 are also attached.

Application Forms will be available as from 27 May 2008 during office hours from Jesmond Mizzi Financial Services Ltd, 67/3 South Stree, Valletta or call Tel: 21224410 for more information.