FIMBank plc – Notification of Major Shareholding

FIMBank plc – Notification of Major Shareholding

FIMBank plc announced that, pursuant to the scrip issue, the shareholders holding 5% or more of its issued share capital as listed on the Malta Stock Exchange are the following:

1. Massaleh Investments K.S.C.C                                    44.27%

2. Astrolabe General Trading Contracting Co.                    5.80%

3. International Finance Corporation                                 5.84%

4. Mr. Fouad M. T. Alghanim                                               5.02%

In accordance with the provisions of Listing Rules 8.110.1 and 8.117, the Company has received notification from Mr. Fouad M. T. Alghanim, that his current shareholding in FIMBank plc amounts to 6,773,712 ordinary shares representing 5.024625% of the Company’s equity capital.

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