Treasury Bills traded in two days total Euro 1.86 million.

This week the Malta Stock Exchange Index closed at 3,196.793 points, at a loss of 2.50% over last week.  This week trading took place only twice due to the Christmas holidays.  Since the beginning of the year the Index has lost 35.26% with two trading sessions to go.  During the week, four equities were negotiated, with all of them closing in negative territory. Shares of Datatrak Holdings plc lost most territory as its share price dropped by 5.47% to Eur0.19 while Go plc lost least with a drop of 1.08% and closing at Eur1.83.

A total of 82 deals were registered on the stock exchange for a turnover of over Eur2.6 million.  In the equity market 33 transactions were carried out for a total value of Eur144,931.  In the corporate bond market 16 transactions for a total value of Eur247,818 were executed. While in the government bond market 23 transactions were executed for a value of Eur417,588.  Ten transactions were carried out in the Treasury Bills market for a value of over Eur1.86 million.    

Similarly to what has happened over the past weeks the banking sector was the most active.  Bank of Valletta plc saw its share price drop by 1.89% to Eur3.434 as 16,681 shares for a total value of Eur56,789 changed hands across 19 transactions.

HSBC Bank Malta plc lost 1.82% to Eur2.70 as 30,145 shares for a total value of Eur81,751 were negotiated across 10 deals.

As mentioned above, Go plc dropped by 1.08% to Eur1.83 on just two deals for a total volume of 1,050 shares.  During this year as at December, 23 a value of over Eur2.6 million across 647 deals were negotiated in Go plc.  The share price of Go plc dropped by 41.81% from Eur3.145 to Eur1.83. 

Datatrak Holdings plc lost most territory this week with a drop of 5.47% to Eur0.19.  This came about as 23,415 shares for a total value of Eur4,468 were negotiated across two deals.  During this year, Datatrak Holdings plc lost 37.70% as its share price dropped from Eur0.305 to Eur0.19 when 98,669 shares were negotiated across 19 deals.

As we approach the year end we can look at how some of the equities performered during 2008. Starting with Middlesea Insurance plc, the equity lost 33.65% from Eur3.843 to Eur2.55 as a total value of over Eur1 million was negotiated across 101 deals.

Simonds Farsons Cisk plc fell by 25.84% from Eur2.562 to Eur1.90 as 133,662 shares were negotiated across 95 transactions. 

International Hotel Investments plc saw its share price drop by 13.94% to Eur0.895 as at December,23 as 375 deals for a total value of over Eur2 million were executed.     This notwithstanding that for the period ended June, 30, 2008, the Group registered a turnover of EUR 64.3 million, 65% higher on the turnover levels for the corresponding period in 2007. This increase was attributed to the fact that the results of both the Corinthia Bab Africa Hotel and Commercial Centre in Tripoli, whilst the Corinthia Hotel Prague has now been included for the full six month period, whereas in the comparative period they were only included for the month of June being the month following acquisition. During the period, the Group registered a profit before tax of EUR 6.01 million, compared to a loss before tax of EUR 1.63 million in 2007.

Plaza Centres plc was one of the few equities on the MSE with a positive performance during this year.  The share price appreciated by 10.83% from Eur1.561 to Eur1.73 as a total volume of 507,727 shares were negotiated across 67 deals.

Globalcapital plc was the worst performer this year as its share price dropped from Eur5.602 to Eur1.991.  This as a total value of Eur112,426 across a total volume of 39,579 shares across 50 deals were negotiated. 

Malta International Airport plc saw its share price drop by 22.24% to Eur2.50 as a total value of over Eur1.8 million was negotiated across 371 deals.  In a Company Announcement issued on November,17 the Company stated that for the second half of the year passenger traffic has been less than anticipated. For the period July to October passenger traffic was down by 1.1% over the same period last year and they anticipate this downturn will continue throughout winter 2008/09. Having said that, the Company still expects the passenger throughput for 2008 to exceed 3.1 million passengers, which is approximately 5% more than last year.  

Medserv plc was the least negotiated during this year as 13,505 shares for a total value of Eur54,666 were negotiated across nine deals.  These led to a drop of 2.51% which now stands at Eur3.997.

Grand Harbour Marina plc appreciated by 13.34% as a total volume of 324,134 shares were negotiated across 121 deals.  The share price stands at Eur1.98.  During the third quarter ending September,30, 2008, the Company concluded the long term licence of another 30 meter berth and also enjoyed high transient occupancy on the superyacht berths. As a result, the financial performance of the Company during the 9 months to September, 30, 2008 continues to exceed that achieved during the same period of last year.

6pm Holdings plc dropped by 4.11% in value as its share price stands at Eur0.70.  During this year 193,079 shares were negotiated across 38 transactions. 

The share price of Crimsonwing plc dropped marginally as it lost 0.60% to Eur0.497.  Over a total of 1 million shares were negotiated across 192 deals.  For the six months ended September, 30, 2008. The Group’s turnover during the first half of the year increased by 45.5% to Eur6.3 million but the Company’s after tax profits declined from Eur442,201 to a loss of Eur58,677.

Maltapost plc was the best performer during this year as its share price appreciated by 62% from Eur0.50 to Eur0.81.  Over 3.6 million shares for a value of over Eur2.5 million were negotiated across 979 transactions. 

RS2 Software plc appreciated by 1.87% in value from Eur0.80 to Eur0.815.  Fifty-eight transactions were carried out for a total volume of 232,415 shares. 

Santumas shareholding plc saw it share price appreciated by 6.46% to Eur3.10. This was the result of 14,463 shares being negotiated across 12 deals for a total value of Eur40,782.

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