MSE Trading Report for week ending May 8, 2009

The Malta Stock Exchange Index ended in positive territory this week at 2,948.154 points, an increase of 4.19 per cent over the week. Twelve of the nineteen equities quoted on the Malta Stock Exchange were negotiated, with six closing in positive territory, four others closing in negative territory and two remain unchanged.

A total of 308 deals were registered over the week with a turnover of over Eur3.67m. In the equity market, 205 transactions were executed for a total value of Eur638,102, while in the government bond market 39 transactions were carried out for a total value of over Eur1.24m. The corporate bond market registered a volume of 503,618 nominal transacted over 55 deals and a value of Eur456,765. In the treasury bills market a total of 8 transactions were registered for a total value of just over Eur1.3m.

Last week Middlesea Insurance plc reported negative results for the first time in 27 years. The performance of the equity was negative this week as the price dropped by 7.76 per cent. However the trades were low as only four transactions for a volume of 2,755 were registered.

The share price of Bank of Valletta plc (BOV) suffered a loss of 1.83 per cent, closing the week at Eur2.355. Trading was fair as 67,119 shares changed hands for a total value of Eur156,547. The share price of BOV traded at a high of Eur2.36 and a low of Eur2.299 during the week.

HSBC Bank Malta plc (HSBC) was the most traded equity for the week as a total of 85,663 shares changed hands for the value of Eur210,030. The share price saw an increase of 4.17 per cent closing at Eur2.50. The share price traded at a high of Eur2.51 and a low of Eur2.40.

Lombard Bank plc registered a positive week as the share price increased by Eur0.05 or 1.89 per cent. Volume traded was low as only 6,510 shares changed hands for a value of Eur17,577. The share price closed the week at Eur2.70.

FIMBank plc was the other bank whose share price suffered a drop in value. The volume traded in this equity was low at only 4,166 spread over four transactions. The price closed at US $1.30, a decrease of 4.69 per cent on the week.  

The share price of Global Capital plc regained 50 per cent in value to close at Eur1.50 after experience a heavy loss in mid-April on very low volume. This week the volume traded was once again low at 834 shares for a value of Eur1,251.

Having gained 9.59 per cent during last week’s trading, the share price of International Hotel Investments plc (IHI) has registered another positive week as it closed at Eur0.92, an increase of 15 per cent. The equity was heavily traded as more than 56,000 shares changed hands over 22 transactions, for a value traded of Eur47,037.

GO plc registered a good week as its share price increased by 6.19 per cent to Eur1.699. Ten transactions were registered for a volume of 13,600 and a value of Eur22,820.

Two transactions in Plaza Centres plc were registered over the week. The share price rose to Eur1.72, an increase of 1.18% on a mere 1,000 shares.

Malta International Airport plc (MIA) did not register any change in its share price as 6,112 shares changed hands for a value of Eur12,536 on eight transactions.

MaltaPost plc also did not experience any change in price as 14 transactions for a volume of 22,944 shares changed hands.

Thirteen transactions were registered in Medserv plc for a volume of 40,000 and a value of Eur142,334. The share price suffered a decreased of 3.79 per cent, to end the week at Eur3.55. The share price was traded at a high of Eur3.60 and a low of Eur3.50.  

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