MSE index reached year high on Thursday


Trading Report for week ending November 27, 2009

MSE index

reached year high on Thursday

The Malta

Stock Exchange Index registered a rise of 1.75 per cent this week, after

the Index plunged last week. The Index reached its yearly high on Thursday as

the session ended at 3,418.579 points. Some of these gains were unleashed yesterday

as the Index closed at 3,351.185 points. During the first four trading sessions

the Index registered gains which enhanced further its year-to-date performance.

Thirteen equities were traded this week, with nine closing in positive territory

while the remaining four were left unchanged. 

A total of 348 deals were registered this

week with a turnover of over EUR 11.3m. In the equity market 220 deals were executed for a total value of EUR 774,872

while in the corporate bond market 60

transactions were registered for a value traded of EUR 489,080. A total of 64

deals were registered in the government

bond market for a value of EUR 678,055. In the treasury bills market, a total of three transactions were

registered for a total value of over EUR 9.4m.


Capital plc was the best performing equity as the equity registered

a gain of 13.9 per cent as the price stands at EUR 1.139. Only two transactions

were executed on a mere volume of 2,080 shares. The equity traded on Tuesday

and Friday with gains amounting to 6.50 per cent and 6.95 per cent respectively.

GO plc’s


run came to an end only yesterday as the equity retracted a minimal loss of

0.26 per cent, closing the week at EUR 1.94. The equity recorded 50 deals of

just over 74,000 shares, as a result edging 6.59 per cent higher on the week.

GO traded across all five sessions as gains were registered during the first

four trading sessions. The equity’s year-to-date performance now stands at 10.73

per cent.


Bank Malta plc was this week’s best performing equity from the banking

sector as 70 transactions were executed for a total volume of 75,857 shares.

Throughout the week the equity traded at a low of EUR 3.00 and at a high of EUR

3.25 reached on Thursday, hence recording the highest price for the year.

During the opening four sessions the equity registered gains, while it gave

away some of these gains during yesterday’s session as the equity has lost an

overwhelming EUR 0.19. Hence the price now stands at EUR 3.06, 2 per cent

higher than the previous week.



ended the week in positive territory gaining 0.91 per cent as the share price

closed the week at USD 1.11. The equity traded only on Monday and Wednesday,

having registered gains during the opening session while remained unchanged on

the mid-week session. Only four deals were executed as just over 12,000 shares

changed hands.

For the second consecutive week Bank of Valletta plc was left unchanged

as the price stands at EUR 3.80. Thirty five transactions took place across all

five trading sessions as 25,417 shares changed hands. The equity registered

gains on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, while having lost value during the

remaining two trading sessions. During the week the equity traded at a high of EUR

3.829 and a low of EUR 3.76.


Bank plc

traded only during the mid-week session as a meagre 350 shares changed hands

across one single deal, with the price remaining unchanged at EUR 2.799.


Insurance plc saw fluctuations in its share price during the week as

it gained ground during the opening session of the week, while registering an

overwhelming loss of 13.33 per cent on Tuesday, hence down to EUR 0.65. The

equity maintained this price for the two sessions that followed. However, on

Friday the equity registered gains as the price recovered to EUR 0.70.

Middlesea registered the highest volume of shares for the week as 88,382 shares

changed hands across 26 deals.


International Airport plc ended this week on another positive note

as the equity registered gains on Monday and Thursday of 4.26 per cent and 2.13

per cent respectively. MIA unleashed some of these gains on Wednesday and

yesterday as the equity closed at EUR 2.399. In total just over 16,600 shares

were traded during the week spread over 11 transactions.


Hotel Investments plc (IHI) and Medserv

plc traded only during Tuesday and Wednesday as both equities registered

gains. Only two trades were executed in IHI as 12,412 shares changed hands,

with the price standing at EUR 0.82. Meanwhile, Medserv registered an

impressive 2.50 per cent gain as the price went up by EUR 0.10 as 41,354 shares

were traded on Wednesday alone. The price now stands at a yearly high of EUR 4.10.

Meanwhile, Maltapost plc registered another price increase this week as it now

stands at EUR 0.635. Only six trades were completed as nearly 9,000 shares

changed hand. The equity registered gains during the mid-week session, however

it lost some ground yesterday.

Island Hotels Group (IHG) and Datatrak

traded on Tuesday as a minimal volume of 1,000 and 400 shares respectively

changed hands. IHG registered a slight price increase to close the week at EUR 1.02

while Datatrak closed unchanged at EUR 0.07.

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