Equity market ends year in style


Trading Report for week ending December 30, 2010


market ends year in style

The Malta Stock Exchange Index closed the last trading week for 2010 at

3,781.237 points, a rise of 3.82 per cent for the week and a level not reached

since mid-February. This was the fourth consecutive positive week for the

index, having closed with a positive year-to-date performance of 9.27 per cent,

as this week turned out to be another all-positive week. On a monthly

comparison, the index gained just over nine per cent, after starting the month

of December at the 3,400 level.

The week was characterised by high

gains in most equities. In fact, eight out of the 13 traded equities registered

a positive performance during the week, as two closed unchanged and three other

equities lowered in value. Turnover in the equity

market reached 367,986 shares over 146 deals,

with HSBC Bank Malta plc shares registering the highest traded volume.

In the Corporate Bonds market turnover amounted to a value of Eur288,972

traded over 45 deals. Meanwhile, in the Government

Stock market value traded amounted to Eur716,687 across 56 transactions, as

trading was concentrated in the 5.25%

MGS 2030 (I) issue. A single trade was registered in the Treasury Bill market for a value of Eur2.09m.

The highest gainer this week was International Hotel Investments plc (IHI),

having gained just below 7.4 per cent. The equity’s closing share price was Eur0.945,

a monthly rise of 25.17 per cent. IHI was active from Monday to Wednesday

registering gains which ranged from 2.22 per cent to 2.72 per cent, as shares traded

amounted to 35,115 over nine deals.


Bank Malta plc (HSBC) shares registered an

appreciation of five per cent this week, having registered 46 trades of 188,990

shares, to close at Eur3.255, thus ending the year with a rise of just 0.77 per

cent having spent most of the year in negative year-to-date territory. This

notwithstanding, the equity’s monthly performance resulted in an increase of

approximately 12.6 per cent.

Similarly, Bank of Valletta plc (BOV) shares continued the positive rally seen

in recent weeks, gaining a further 4.27 per cent both on the week and on the

month, to end the year at Eur3.858. BOV

registered its highest rise on Monday, with a gain of 2.73 per cent, having

also edged higher on the other trading sessions. A total of 60,843 shares were

executed over 59 deals.

Meanwhile, Island Hotels Group Holdings plc recovered some of the recent

losses, as this week its share price edged 5.56 per cent higher to close at Eur0.95,

as 7,800 shares changed hands across five transactions, after trading unchanged

at Eur0.90 on Monday and Tuesday.

On the other hand, Simonds Farsons Cisk plc shares lost

1.16 per cent on Tuesday, or Eur0.02, having closed the week at Eur1.70. The

equity had 10,000 shares changing hands on two trades, registering no price

movements on the month.

After last week’s loss, Lombard Bank plc closed the week

unchanged at Eur2.80 on Tuesday, having registered two deals of 3,000 shares.

Notwithstanding this, the equity registered an 8.95 per cent rise from the

beginning of the month. Similarly, Loqus

Holdings plc also remained flat at Eur0.20, as a single deal of just 700

shares was executed. The equity was one of the best performers this month, with

an appreciation of 11.1 per cent.

A negative performance was registered

in Medserv plc and Santumas Shareholdings plc shares. The

former registered a decline of 0.47 per cent, while the latter closed minimally

lower by 0.12 per cent. For both equities, these declines also represented their

monthly performance. Medserv traded at Eur4.25 with 14,500 shares across four

deals, while Santumas closed the week at Eur2.567 on two transactions of 2,350


A total of three deals were registered

in MaltaPost plc shares, as 4,448 shares

were exchanged. The equity registered a healthy 5.26 per cent rise on Wednesday,

to close the week at its yearly high of Eur1.00. During the month, MaltaPost

registered an increase of 7.53 per cent.


Insurance plc gained some ground this week, edging 1.4 per

cent higher, and thus closing at Eur1.015, with a mere 500 shares being traded

on a single trade on Monday. However, the equity closed the month with a loss

of approximately 3.3 per cent.


International Airport plc (MIA) shares closed at Eur1.66,

Eur0.01 higher than last week, having registered three deals, consisting of

21,800 shares. Finally, GO plc

registered a rise of 0.26 per cent on Wednesday, to close the year at Eur1.935,

as shares traded totalled 17,940 over nine deals. As regards to monthly

performances, both MIA and GO plc closed in positive territory, precisely at

0.73 per cent and 1.84 per cent respectively.

We wish our readers

a Prosperous New Year.

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