MIDI and FIMBank register double digit gains

MSE Trading Report for week ending October 12, 2018

The MSE Equity Total Return Index increased by a further 2.08%, as international equities plummeted. This is the fourth consecutive week of gains registered by the local equity index which now reached 8,981.373 points. Turnover increased from €1.8 million to €2.2 million, and was spread across 20 equities, of which eight fell and nine advanced.


MIDI plc shares headed the list of gainers, having appreciated by €0.13 or 23.2%, across 28 transactions of 391,595 shares, to close at a record high of €0.69 – rallying by 97.1% as at year-to-date.


On Tuesday, reports in the local media suggested that a preliminary deal between MIDI and Tumas Group has been struck, in which the latter shall be taking over the Manoel Island Project, by purchasing at least 60% shareholding of a new company to be set up with MIDI as a joint venture. The company responded by informing the market that no preliminary agreement has been entered into and insisted that although discussions are ongoing, these may or may not result in a transaction. Any material updates will be communicated in accordance with regulatory requirements.


Meanwhile,FIMBank plc shares recorded an increase in their share price for the fourth consecutive week, having appreciated by 14.9%, over 25 deals of 189,701 shares, closing $0.10 higher at $0.77 – up by 11.6% as at year-to-date.


HSBC Bank Malta plc shares closed unchanged at €1.81, as 34 transactions of 115,706 shares were negotiated.


Bank of Valletta plc shares oscillated between a weekly high of €1.40 and a low of €1.30, but ultimately closed the week 1.4% lower, at €1.38. BOV shares were active across 99 trades of 361,145 shares. The banking equity was the most liquid once again.


In property sector, Malita Investments plc shares increased by 4.6% or €0.04, on 14 deals of 97,850 shares, to close at €0.91.


Malta Properties Company plc shares erased the previous week’s 4.8% loss, having appreciated by 7%. The equity was negotiated over 20 transactions of 238,856 shares, and closed at €0.535.


Trident Estates plc shares slipped by 4.5%, as 9,208 shares changed ownership over four trades, closing €0.06 lower at €1.28.


Malta International Airport plc shares halted their five-week winning streak, having slipped by a minimal 0.8%. The local airport operator’s shares were executed across 16 deals of 12,188 shares, closing €0.05 lower at €6.15 – still up by 30.9% as at year-to-date.


GO plc shares appreciated by €0.24 or 6.3%, across 36 trades of 88,266 shares, closing at €4.08 – a 12-year high. The telecommunications services providerannounced its intention to convene an Extraordinary General Meeting on December 3, 2018 following the previous week’s announcement in relation to the Initial Public Offering of shares in BMIT Technologies plc. GO shares have increased by 15% as at year-to-date.


The investments and insurance services provider Mapfre Middlesea plc, registered a €0.09 or 4.9% increase in its share price. The equity was negotiated over four deals of 22,852 shares, and closed at €1.92.


In the same sector, GlobalCapital plc shares traded flat at €0.256 on one transaction of 200 shares.


Medserv plc shares fell by 1.8%, as 27,038 shares changed hands over six trades, to close at €1.07. The oil and gas logistics services provider’s shares have declined 15% as at year-to-date.


International Hotel Investments plc shares slipped by 2.3% across six deals of 14,759 shares, closing at €0.63.


The retail and supermarkets owner PG plc, registered no change in its €1.40 share price for the third consecutive week. The equity was executed across 10 transactions of 70,319 shares.


Tigne’ Mall plc shares decreased by a minimal 0.5%, as 4,000 shares changed ownership over one deal, to close at €0.955. Meanwhile, Plaza Centres plc shares advanced by 3% on one trade of 4,500 shares, closing €0.03 higher at €1.03.


In the same sector, Main Street Complex plc shares fell by 0.8% across two transactions of 20,700 shares, to close at €0.65.


Simonds Farsons Cisk plc shares increased by €0.15 or 1.9%, as 14 deals of 30,859 shares were negotiated, closing at €7.90. On Wednesday,the food and beverage supplier distributed, out of tax exempt profits, an interim dividend of €0.0333 per ordinary share. This dividend was paid to the ordinary shareholders on the company’s register as at September 26, 2018.


RS2 Software plc shares recouped by 1.7%, from the previous week’s 2.5% loss. The I.T. equity was executed over 12 trades of 59,313 shares, to close at €1.17.


MaltaPost plc shares fell by 0.6% across five transactions of 4,908 shares, closing at €1.64.


In the corporate bond market, activity was spread across 43 issues, of which 17 increased and 12 declined. Turnover fell from the previous week’s €1.7 million, to €1.3 million. The 5.1% 6PM Holdings plc Unsecured € 2025 was the best performer, having advanced by 1.4%, as 13 deals worth €121,194 were negotiated, closing at €102.40. Meanwhile, the 5.75% International Hotel Investments plc Unsecured € 2025 was the worst performer, having declined by 3.7%, as five trades worth €9,990 were executed, to close at €106.28.


The 4.35% SD Finance plc Unsecured € 2027 witnessed the highest turnover of €132,056, closing 0.2% higher at €104.20.


In the sovereign debt market, turnover amounted to €2.2 million, spread over 20 issues, of which 17 lost ground and three advanced. The 4.1% MGS 2034 (I) was the most active issue, having witnessed 16 trades worth €549,459, to close 0.2% lower at €128.15.


The 5% MGS 2021 (I) was the best performer, having increased by 0.4%, across 12 deals worth €231,298, closing at €113.89. Meanwhile, the 3% MGS 2040 (I) headed the list of fallers, having slipped by 0.7%, as 12 trades worth €167,559 were concluded, to close at €113.84.