BOV and MMS shares register similar gains

MSE Daily Trading Report, 20 January, 2020

The MSE Equity Total Return Index started the week with a marginal 0.1% gain, as three equities gained and one declined. Turnover reached a mere €120,000 as 30 trades of 105,188 shares were recorded. The MSE index closed the day at 9,532.433 points.

In the banking sector, Bank of Valletta plc shares gained 1% to return to the €1.10 level, as 10 transactions worth nearly €59,000 were executed. Throughout the session the equity’s price traded at a daily low of €1.07.

HSBC Bank Malta plc shares traded flat at €1.12. One deal of 4,000 shares was recorded.

Thin trading in Mapfre Middlesea plc (MMS) sent the equity 1% higher to €2.22. A total of 426 shares changed ownership.

On the downside, Midi plc lost 4% or €0.02 to close the day at €0.48. Four transactions of 21,100 shares were executed. Meanwhile, Main Street Complex plc shares jumped by 5.5% or €0.03 to close at €0.58. A total of four deals worth €9,000 were recorded. Tigne’ Mall plc traded flat €0.90.

Malta International Airport plc was the second most active equity, yet all five trades were executed at €6.90. Simonds Farsons Cisk plc shares closed flat at €11 while RS2 Software plc shares traded unchanged at €2.28.

In the corporate debt market, 22 issues were active as turnover reached €160,000. Four issues gained while the 4% MeDirect Bank (Malta) plc Subordinated Unsecured 2024 – 2029 lost 50 basis points. On the upside, the 6% International Hotel Investments plc 2024 gained 144 basis points to end the session at €105.50.

On the sovereign debt market, 21 trades worth €0.5m were recorded. Yields were generally higher as the Central Bank of Malta revised its bid prices lower. The long-dated 3% MGS 2040 (I) shed 50 basis points.


The Equities traded today were:

Symbol CodeVolume TradedValue TradedTradesClosing Price% Change

 The Corporate Bonds traded today were:

 Closing Price% Change
4.25% GAP Group plc Secured € 2023102.6000.10
4.4% Von der Heyden Group Finance plc Unsecured € 2024101.9500.00
6% International Hotel Investments plc € 2024105.5001.44
5.3% Mariner Finance plc Unsecured € 2024106.0000.47
5.1% 1923 Investments plc Unsecured € 2024101.9000.00
5.75% International Hotel Investments plc Unsecured € 2025106.0000.00
4.5% Hili Properties plc Unsecured € 2025102.6100.01
4.5% Medserv plc Unsecured € 202699.0000.00
3.75% Premier Capital plc Unsecured € 2026105.0000.00
3.75% Mercury Projects Finance plc Secured € 2027100.5000.00
4.35% SD Finance plc Unsecured € 2027101.0000.00
4% SP Finance plc Secured EUR Bonds 2029101.2500.00
3.65% Stivala Group Finance plc Secured € 2029102.3000.00
3.8% Hili Finance Company plc Unsecured € 2029100.1500.00
4% MeDirect Bank (Malta) plc Sub Unsecured € 2024-2029102.000-0.49
4.25% Mercury Projects Finance plc Secured € 2031101.9400.00

The Government Stocks traded today were:

 Closing Price% Change
5% MGS 2021(I)108.050-0.02
5.1% MGS 2022(I)113.500-0.01
4.8% MGS 2028 (I)138.2900.00
4.5% MGS 2028 (II)136.1300.10
5.25% MGS 2030 (I)150.0000.98
5.2% MGS 2031 (I)152.370-0.01
4.65% MGS 2032 (I)148.000-0.34
4.1% MGS 2034 (I)146.580-0.03
2.1% MGS 2039 (I)122.0000.41
3% MGS 2040 (I)138.000-0.36

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