BOV, SFC and GO drag MSE Index lower

MSE Daily Trading Report, 24 February, 2021


MSE Equity Total Return Index7,901.534 points-0.36%
MSE Malta Government Stocks Total Return Index1,122.515 points-0.11%
MSE Corporate Bonds Total Return Index1,101.137 points0.01%


  • The only positive performer was Loqus Holdings plc (+3.2%).
  • The worst performers were Simonds Farsons Cisk plc (-2.5%), Bank of Valletta plc (-1.1%) and GO plc (-0.6%).
  • Telecommunications company, GO plc, was the most liquid as it generated a total turnover of €44,550. A total of 13,500 shares were spread across three transactions.


  • The board of Loqus Holdings plc approved the half-yearly report for the six months ended December 31, 2020.
    • A profit before tax of €0.6 million was reported, versus the €23,074 recorded during the same period of 2019.
    • Meanwhile, a 42% increase in revenue was generated as it stood at €3.7 million.
    • The Group is expecting figures for the financial year July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021 to be significantly better than the results of the prior period.
    • The increase in the second half of the current period is expected to be significantly less than the increase in the first half of this period.
    • The peak period surge, around Black tag weeks and the Christmas period, will not be present between January to June.
    • Costs related to investments in research and development and improving the product deployment and support are expected to increase too
    • Click here to download announcement.


The Equities traded today were:

Symbol CodeVolume TradedValue TradedTradesClosing Price% Change

The Corporate bonds traded today were:

 Closing Price% Change
5.8% International Hotel Investments plc 2021100.9902.00
3.65% GAP Group plc Secured € 2022102.0000.00
6% Medserv plc Sec. & Grntd €  Notes 2020-2023 S1 T1101.0001.00
6% AX Investments Plc € 2024105.0000.86
4.4% Von der Heyden Group Finance plc Unsecured € 2024100.900-0.37
6% International Hotel Investments plc € 2024102.0000.00
5.1% 1923 Investments plc Unsecured € 2024101.400-0.05
4.5% Hili Properties plc Unsecured € 2025102.000-0.49
3.7% GAP Group plc Secured € 2023-2025 Series 1102.0000.00
4.5% Medserv plc Unsecured € 202694.890-0.01
5.9% Together Gaming Solutions plc Unsec Call Bds €2024-2026100.0000.00
4% International Hotel Investments plc Secured € 2026103.0000.88
5% Dizz Finance plc Unsecured € 2026100.0000.00
4.8% Mediterranean Maritime Hub Finance plc Unsecured € 2026100.5000.00
3.25% AX Group plc Unsec Bds 2026 Series I100.750-0.49
4% International Hotel Investments plc Unsecured € 2026100.9300.93
4% Stivala Group Finance plc Secured € 2027103.2500.24
3.85% Hili Finance Company plc Unsecured € 202899.010-1.47
3.65% Stivala Group Finance plc Secured € 2029102.000-0.73
3.8% Hili Finance Company plc Unsecured € 202999.4000.40
3.5% Bank of Valletta plc € Notes 2030 S1 T1101.0100.01
3.5% Bank of Valletta plc € Notes 2030 S2 T1102.0000.00
4% Cablenet Communication Systems plc Unsecured € 2030103.7501.61
4.25% Mercury Projects Finance plc Secured € 2031101.0000.00


The Government Stocks traded today were:

 Closing Price% Change
5.25% MGS 2030 (I)144.470-0.08
5.2% MGS 2031 (I)147.750-0.11
4.45% MGS 2032 (II)142.7500.00
4.1% MGS 2034 (I)143.0000.00
2.5% MGS 2036 (I)128.0000.39
2.1% MGS 2039 (I)126.5000.00
3% MGS 2040 (I)136.000-2.86
2.4% MGS 2041 (I)129.0000.39


The Prospects MTF bonds traded today were:

 Closing Price% Change
5% Luxury Living Finance plc € Secured Bonds 202899.000-1.00


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