Jesmond Mizzi Financial Advisors Celebrates 20 Years of Investment, Wealth and Asset Management

Jesmond Mizzi Financial Advisors has marked 20 years since its inception with a reception at the Westin Dragonara Resort.

The company was set up in 2002 as a relatively small five-man operation, and has over the years nurtured a reputation for excellence and a name that is synonymous with investments, wealth and asset management in Malta.

Jesmond Mizzi Financial Advisors offers a broad range of financial products and services to its personal, corporate and institutional clients, and also acts as sponsor on the local stock exchange.

Key to its success is its belief in building long-term relationships with clients, in order to better understand their investment objectives and needs, as well as their risk tolerance.

Shortly after it was set up, Jesmond Mizzi Financial Advisors became the local representative of what is now the global asset management group Janus Henderson Investors. In 2010 the company was also appointed the local representative of Legg Mason Asset Management.

A major milestone in the company’s history was its acquisition, in 2007, of a local financial intermediary, which led to significant growth and the diversification of its client base.

In 2010, Jesmond Mizzi Financial Advisors merged with Atlas Group’s investment arm, further broadening its product offering.

The company has seen a steady growth in the assets under its management, and in 2016 was proud to launch the first Merill sub-fund – the Merill Total Return Income Fund – with €14 million in seed capital from Atlas Insurance.

The company also launched a sub-fund in US dollar with $30 million in seed capital from a Swiss family office in 2018.

Jesmond Mizzi Financial Advisors, as fund manager and promotor of Merill Sicav plc, has since inception launched five sub-funds, with close to €150 million in assets.

“The world we live in has changed significantly during the last 20 years. Our business today is more complex and highly regulated than it has ever been before. What hasn’t changed, however, is the great care and commitment with which we invest and care for clients’ money,” said managing director Jesmond Mizzi.

“We understand that clients want to engage with an investment company that clearly understands their financial needs and shares its same vision. This is the type of service we are proud to offer and which we will continue to offer.”Turning to the market volatility which has dominated 2022, Mizzi warned against panic.

“These are difficult times, but also times of opportunity. Yes, the markets are volatile and yes, the portfolio values have gone down this year, but we’re in this for the long haul. We’re not here to speculate, but to take informed decisions on behalf of our clients.”

Mizzi concluded by thanking his fellow shareholders, directors, and employees at Jesmond Mizzi Financial Advisors for their unparalleled commitment and integrity towards their clients and the company.

Jesmond Mizzi Financial Advisors Limited of 67, level 3, South Street, Valletta, Malta, is licensed to conduct investment services business by the MFSA under the Investment Services Act.