John Catania is one of the cofounders of Jesmond Mizzi Financial Advisors Limited. He has been an Executive Director of the company since inception. He is now retired and is also a shareholder through a holding company.

John commenced his career in 1976 and spent 10 years working at one of Malta’s leading banks. During this time, he was exposed both to retail as well as to corporate clients. John obtained extensive experience in the lending arm of the bank, particularly in assessing new business ventures and ongoing business financing.

John later held the post of general manager for a group of companies in the manufacturing industry employing over 400 employees for 13 years.

For a period of four years, John worked for a locally-based financial services public company, two years of which he headed the retail sales team, and he was later appointed as the assistant head of the Wealth Management Division.

In May 2000, John obtained the International Certificate for Financial Advisers from the Chartered Insurance Institute (UK) and a year later he completed the Financial Services Foundation Certificate at the Malta International Training Centre. In March 2005 he was awarded the certificate in Trust Law & Administration from the Institute of Financial Services Practitioners, Malta.