Local Weekly Roundup 06 Mar – 10 Mar 2006

During this week the MSE share index registered a rise of 1.28% to close the week at a level of 6223.615 with a total volume traded of LM2.743 million. GFSG equity was the best performer during this week as strong demand persists ahead of the company’s announcements on 24th of March 2006.  After four consecutive positive sessions, the price settled 4c1 lower on Friday at Lm1.78 however it still registered overall strong gains of 18.67% on low volumes of a total of 12,058 shares exchanged across 24 trades.  Positive performance was also recorded for BOV equity as a result of the limited supply to meet the constant demand, opening at Lm4.50c on Monday and settling at a level of Lm4.58c on Friday, gaining 1.79%. HSBC marginally rose by 0.46% and closed this week at Lm10.90c.  After successive losses, Lombard Bank equity price settled 0.44c higher on Friday at an all- time high of Lm11.99c recording an overall rise of 1.61% during the week ahead of the cut-off date (Monday 13th March) in respect of eligibility to scrip dividend.  Another gainer was IHI equity earning 0.49% on a span of a week. Maltacom equity further recovered some of its past losses during this week as investors reacted positively to recent press reports recording a total increase of 0.05% closing at a price of Lm2.19c.  FIM Bank reclaimed the $2.00 level during this week however it registered an overall drop of 2.73%.  As opposed to last week’s strong gains, this week Middlesea Insurance equity was the leading loser recording overall losses of 6.98% as its price closed on Friday at a lower level of Lm4.93c from its opening price of Lm5.30c.  MIA and Plaza Centres also incurred losses of 4.08% and 1.45% repectivley.  Simonds Farsons Cisk and Datarak Holdings recorded an overall stability during this week.