Company Announcements March 2006

The Board of Directors of Plaza Centres p.l.c. on 21 March 2006 recommended the payment of a final net dividend of 2c71 per share for approval at the forthcoming AGM meeting which will be held on 25 April, 2006.  All the Shareholders which are registered at close of trading on the Malta Stock Exchange on Monday 27 March, 2006 will be eligible to such dividend which will be paid on the 28 April, 2006.  The company also published its preliminary Profit Statement for the year ended 31 December 2005 which showed a 2.1% increase in the profit before tax to Lm427,494 compared to 2004 profit before tax of Lm418,699.  Next Friday 24th of March the Board of Directors of Global Financial Services Group p.l.c. will meet to consider and approve its Finanical Statements for the year ended 31 December 2005 and also consider the recommendation of a dividend to its shareholders.  For Upcoming Events click below