Special Registration Scheme extended until 31 August 2007

The Central Bank of Malta would like to inform the public that the Ministry of Finance has decided to extend the operation of the Special Registration Scheme by one month until 31 August 2007. This decision has been taken as there are strong indications that a substantial number of persons who showed interest in the Scheme will not manage to register by the original closing date of 31 July 2007.- 

Coverage of registration scheme extended to additional eligible assets


The Central Bank of Malta would like to inform the public that the registration scheme launched by the Ministry of Finance with effect from 23 April 2007 has been extended to cover a wider range of eligible assets. In addition to currency notes and local bank deposits denominated in Maltese lira and euro, assets that are eligible to be registered under this Scheme now also include securities denominated in Maltese lira and euro that have a primary listing on the Malta Stock Exchange. Such listed securities include Malta Government bonds, Treasury bills, corporate bonds, shares and participations in collective investment funds investing mainly in locally listed securities. -In view of this extended list of eligible assets, the title of the scheme has been changed from “Currency and Bank Deposits Registration Scheme 2007” to “Special Registration Scheme 2007”. -The purpose of this Scheme is to provide individuals residing in Malta with a one-time opportunity to regularise their position in respect of their holdings of eligible assets in those cases where the associated income has not been declared for the purposes of the Income Tax Act. To benefit from the Scheme, such eligible assets must be registered with registration agents appointed by the Central Bank of Malta. Such agents must be banks, stockbrokers and other authorised investment services providers as well as foreign exchange bureaux and other licensed financial institutions. -Registration of currency notes is subject to a one-time fee of 4% of the registered amount, while registration of bank deposits and listed securities is subject to a fee of 6% of the current market value of the registered amount. -The Special Registration Scheme expires at the end of August 2007.


For further details please click on the below pdf files – information may be viewed in either english or maltese.