MaltaPost plc – Interim Directors Statement

MaltaPost plc – Interim Directors Statement

MaltaPost plc issued its Interim Directors Statement. The following was stated in its statement:

“The Directors of MaltaPost plc advise that, for the period April 1, 2009, to date, there were no material events and transactions which would impact, in a significant manner, the operational performance of the Company.

As previously advised, and in accordance with the changing characteristics of the market, MaltaPost plc has continued to witness encouraging growth in the parcel/packet post business at the same time as experiencing a volume reduction in the traditional postal mail. All other revenue streams continue to perform as expected. Prominently in Management’s objectives will be a focus on increased efficiency.

Accordingly, the financial fundamentals remain robust and the Directors do no currently foresee any occurrences which will prevent the Company from achieving the performance targets which it has set for the Financial Year ending 30th September 2009.”

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