Medserv plc – Share for Share Exchange Regis Holdings Limited

Medserv plc announced that it has successfully concluded a conditional agreement with the shareholders of Regis Holdings Limited, a limited liability company registered under the laws of Mauritius with company registration number 120300 (Regis). Regis is the holding company of a group of companies, (the Regis Group) which provides logistics, equipment, procurement and specialised services to a wide range of customers, including national and international energy companies, drilling and mining companies as well as product and equipment manufacturers and other heavy industry-related contractors in South Africa, Mozambique, Uganda, Tanzania and Angola.

The execution of the said agreement will, upon completion, bring together the two groups of companies and, subject to shareholder approval, the Company will be renamed MedservRegis. This new alliance brings together the complementary strengths of both Medserv and Regis and will allow them to successfully respond to the deep changes taking place in the energy market.

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