Trident Estates plc – Approval of Financial Statements

Trident Estates plc approved the annual report and consolidated financial statements for the financial year ended January 31, 2021 and resolved to propose the same for the approval of the shareholders at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting to be held on June 25, 2021.

Statement of profit or loss


2020 2021 % Change
€1.2 million €1.1 million -0.8%

Profit before tax

2020 2021 % Change
€0.33 million €0.74 million +125%

Operating Profit

2020 2021 % Change
€0.5 million €0.4 million -25.2%

Earnings per share

2020 2021 % Change
€0.002 €0.013 +550%

Statement of financial position

Total assets

2020 2021 % Change
€64 million €69 million +7.7%

Total liabilities 

2020 2021 % Change
€11.4 million €15.8 million +38.2%


The board did not declare an interim dividend during financial year ended January 31, 2021, and in view of the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the current stage of finalisation of the Trident Park project, do not believe that it would be appropriate to recommend the declaration of a final dividend at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting,


The pandemic has inevitably impacted the Group’s activities over the year. However, the high efficacy demonstrated by the vaccines and the impressive roll-out of the inoculation programme gives cause for cautious optimism at a time when the Trident Park project approached completion. Management believe that it is close to being on track to reaching target occupancy at anticipated rates by the time of opening, as tenants recognise the value of the high quality and standards being provided at Trident Park.  Management expects to draw down on the available bank loan facilities to see the project through to completion. Capital costs for the development remain within budgeted parameters, and projections prepared based on expected tenancy take up, the tenants already contracted and available facilities indicate that the Group has sufficient resources to sustain its operations for the foreseeable future, as well as to complete the project as anticipated and to meet its liabilities as and when they fall due. Accordingly, the board is satisfied that it is entirely appropriate to draw up these accounts on a going concern basis.


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